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Neuroenergetic Kinesiology is a holistic healthcare approach, combining traditional chinese, Ayurvedic knowledge and muscle monitoring to determine “stressors” or imbalances within the body.

These can be related to mental or emotional states or physical issues.

Kinesiology provides a non-invasive way to bring your body/mind / spirit back to balance diffusing the stress in the nervous system.

Kinesiology may assist with:

  • Chronic disease / fatigue
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional issues
  • A feeling of “stuckness”
  • Allergies and sensitivities
  • Learning difficulties
  • Self-esteem
  • Candida

Benefit of Kinesiology

  • Pain release
  • Drug free
  • Self-healing
  • No unwanted side-effects

Any physical or emotional pain is the result of imbalance in your body.

Our goal is to help you regain balance in physical, mental and emotional well being.

« Are you at peace with yourself and your expectations? This is the goal we would like to help you attain, and in doing so, release physical, psychological and emotional pain. »

Sessions can be held in French and English, face to face or remotely It is about an hour and there is no specific requirement for it.

Remote sessions work very much the same way as face-to-face sessions:

  • We connect with a quick call to clarify the purpose for the session.
  • You sit back, relax, and enter a receptive state.
  • I connect with you energetically and surrogate for you for the time of the session and do the muscle testing on myself instead of you.
  • Afterwards, I send you an audio recording of the session with my feedback

Treatments We Offer