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Dr. David Tio DO (ESO, Eng) / M. App. Sc. (RMIT Aust) / Member, Osteopathy Australian


Professional Qualifications

  • Certificate in Yoga Education (1977- 1978) kaivalydhama. India
  • Diploma in Osteopathy (1978-1982) England
  • Graduate Study at Kushi Institute (1982-1984) London and Boston
  • Masters of Applied Science (Muscio-sket Management) RMIT, Australia
  • Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition Intl. Academy of Nutrition. Australia
  • Post-Graduate in Anti-Ageing Medicine, Health School.
  • Australia Australasian Certification in Anti Ageing Medicine

Education and Training

David, a third generation osteopath from the very founder of osteopathy Dr AT Still, considers himself very fortunate to have studied with masters representing both the classical and modem traditions of osteopathy

David studied at the [Cole Europeenne d'OstOopathie (European School of Osteopa-thy) in Maidstone, England, from 1978 - 1982

There, he learnt the classical osteopathic techniques from Mr John Wemham, who was a student of Dr Marlin Littlejohn who, in turn, was a student of the founder of oste-opathy, Dr AT Still. In addition, David leamt much tram Mervyn Waldman, who is cur-rently an osteopath practicing in Israel

David also learnt the minimum adjustment technique (now known as Specific Adjust-ment Technique or SAT) from the principal of the college, Mr Tom Dummer.

Among the modem techniques was Cranial Osteopathy (Cranial Sacral Therapy) popularized by Dr John Upledger, thunder of the Upledger Institute.

This technique was in its infancy during the 1970s and David was among the early groups of students-the second batch, in fact - who studied this technique from Dr Upledger, who was then from Michigan State University, USA

    "I have studied and taken courses in nature cure, homeopathy, clinical nutrition... I've tried all kinds of diets - I've been a vegetarian, a fruitarian... everything except a 'breatharian' who lives only on the breath."

Perfect Health

David realized that he had discovered the 'secret' to perfect health that he had all along been searching for. He realized that diet, environment and other factors affect-ing health were all external to the human body.

The one internal factor is the autonomic nervous system, which stems from the brain and the spine.

One other incident during his meeting with Mr Dummer sealed David's fate to become an osteopath.

'At that time I was carrying a Tibetan 'hippie bag'. It was half full and it contained my entire possessions,' David recalls.

'When Mr Dummer saw it, he pulled out exactly the same bag from below his desk. We both raised the bags and had a good laugh. What a coincidence it was. I felt it was a sign of my destiny. And so I signed on to study osteopathy for the next four years.'

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