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Stop Smoking and other addictions with Hypnotherapy

Have you ever had a niggling feeling that you must let go of a habit, a behaviour pattern or address a fear? All of us know what needs to be done. It is just that we simply cannot carry it through.

Using Will Power is never easy. Will Power is in the limited Conscious Mind. ‘Will’ slips and we are back to square one.

Hypnotherapy addresses the issue at a Subconscious level. In a state of focused attention, we are in touch with our centre.

We see the need to get rid of destructive behavior. Once that desire to be free occurs at an emotional level, one willingly shifts. For eg. if there is no more desire to smoke, the matter is over. No sacrifices. No “giving up”. Only gains.

Hypnosis is a very naturally occurring state of mind. All of us have experienced it. Have you ever been so absorbed in a movie and cried? Have you ever been so involved in something that you forgot the time?

What about missing the exit while driving? In that deep level of relaxation, all chatter that is going on in our conscious mind is dropped. Then , we can do two things. We can remove old, unhealthy and undesirable patterns. We can also replace them with new, healthy, desirable ones.

Finally, it is important to understand that hypnosis requires permission. No one can make you do anything you don’t wish to do. It is safe and effective. Among the many other everyday problems hypnotherapy can help with are:

  • Weight Loss
  • Confidence Building
  • Pain Control
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Anxiety, Phobias and Fears
  • Bad Habits
  • Anxiety Stress Management
  • Children and Hypnotherapy

Children respond naturally to hypnosis as child play involves fantasy and deep involvement. They are easily hypnotised.

Also, children carry less baggage and so enter such a state easily. The power of suggestion works quickly on them.



Think of it as nipping an issue in the bud. They lack the negative layers that life tends to pile on us over repeated reinforcements.

Simple. Responsive. Effective. Attention problems, anxieties, bad habits , academic and sports performance are some areas that can be addressed.


“Two sessions were enough to make the magic happen naturally. And this kind of medicine was at the time apprehensive to me… But after the first 2 hours already, I had to say that smoking had become for me a useless action and especially uninteresting to me. Anita had already proven with my husband 8 years ago, this time again she did a miracle! Thank you so much Anita.”
~Alexia Malpel

“Hypnotherapy proved to be one valuable method for me. It helped me tremendously find new approach towards balanced thoughts and emotions. It provided tools to rediscover strength and peace to overcome difficulties along the way. It changed my appraisal methods towards myself and the world that surrounds me. I became more confident and ready for the next chapter of my life.”
~Sylvia F.I

“Hypnotherapy has helped me to understand my deepest thoughts and feelings and thus, better able to respond to situations. With hypnotherapy, I am released of negative emotions and view life with greater positivity.”

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