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Simple rules for daily footcare

  • Do not wear tight socks or stockings

  • Maintain good air circulation

  • Keep your feet clean – wash daily with water and mild fungicidal soap.

  • Avoid strong antiseptics such as iodine, carbolic acid, Lysol, bleach, etc.

  • Wear shoes made of soft material that fit properly and comfortably.

  • Do not cut corns or callouses, or use corn remedies or pads.

  • Do not use hot water bottles, electric pads or excessive heat in any form, at the feet.

  • Apply lanolin or olive oil to dry skin. Dry your skin carefully. Do not rub hard with a towel.

  • Avoid bruises, burns, cuts, cracks and (in cold climates) frostbite. If any of these injuries occur, seek professional advice immediately.

  • Avoid exposure to cold and dampness.

  • If any ulcer or sore appears on the foot or leg, seek professional advice immediately.

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