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Macrobiotics, martial arts and other interests

Even while studying osteopathy and, after he graduated, while practicing as a part-time osteopath in London, David continued to pursue his interests in other aspects of natural health and natural healing.

“One day, I came across the Community Health Foundation in London and saw that they were conducting a course about Yin and Yang. And I said, ‘I want to study that’.”

This was David’s introduction to macrobiotics, an oriental philosophy of health and life, based on the principles of yin and yang.

David studied macrobiotics in London and, shortly after he completed his osteopathy studies in 1982, traveled to continue macrobiotic studies at the Kushi Institute in Boston, completing the three student levels as well as the Teacher’s Training.

While in London, David had also obtained a diploma in shiatsu, a form of Japanese finger pressure massage commonly taught alongside macrobiotics.

There, he also took up various forms of martial arts including Aikido and Kenjutsu, a Japanese martial art specializing in the use of the sword.


He also pursued Kendo and, after he returned to Singapore, represented the country in Pesta Sukan (Festival of Sports, the predecessor to the current SEA Games) where, from the late 1980s to early 1990s, he won two gold, two silver and two bronze medals.

“All my life I have been interested in natural health,” David says. “I have studied and taken courses in nature cure, homeopathy, clinical nutrition… I’ve tried all kinds of diets – I’ve been a vegetarian, a fruitarian… everything except a ‘breatharian’ who lives only on the breath!”

Upon returning to Singapore in 1984, David established the Osteopathic Treatment Centre.

It began with David as the sole practitioner. Over the years, the centre has developed and grown into an osteopathic practice with a number of osteopaths.

David also established another company, Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CCAM) with practitioners offering a wide range of therapies. Dr. David Tio also sees patients from Hong Kong, Shenzen China, Jakarta and Bandung Indonesia, Melbourne Australia even Chennai India and Kuching Malaysia.

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