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Continuing Professional Development


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  • Children & Children's Issues: Treating and preventing childhood infectious diseases, National

       Herbalists Association of Australia

  • Efficient Weight-loss Through Diet, Nutrition & Exercise: Clinical Nutritional Application Course,

       Metagenics Seminars, Australia

  • How To Keep The Fat Off: Prevention of rebound fat gain Metagenics Seminar, Australia

  • New Developments In Herbal Safety: Mediherb, Australia (Prof Kerry Bone)

  • Men's Health & Androgen Disorder: Clinical Nutritional Application Course, Metagenics Seminars,


  • Inflammation Metagenics: Seminars, Australia (Dr Jeffrey Bland)

  • The Fire Within: Management of inflammation (Dr Jeffrey Bland)

  • Pathogenesis And Treatment Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease And Irritable Bowel Syndrome

       Metagenics: Seminar, Australia

  • Coronary Heart Disease: Implementation of effective natural solutions for atherogenic cholesterol /

       triglyceride patterns based on the work of Dr Jeffrey Bland

  • Cancer - Questions And Controversies Pharma Foods: Continuing Education Programme, Australia   

       (Robert Buist, PhD)

  • Cancer - Prevention And Treatment Using Natural Medicine: International College of Complementary

       Medicine, Australia

  • Effective Treatment For Stress, Dysglycaeuria And Osteoarthritis Enhance: Advancing Nutritional Support, Australia

  • The Role Of Evidence-based Natural Medicine In The Management Of Common Patient: Presentations - Irritable bowel syndrome; urinary tract infection; immune support (Professor Kerryn Phelps) Australia

  • Key Concepts For Optimum Health: Immune system; stress; detoxification; Keto system; genetics potential through nutrition Australia

  • Optimum Nutrition For The Mind: Patrick Holford

  • Sports Medicine - What's New With Knees And Tendinitis?: Chiropractic & Osteopathic College of Australasia, Melbourne Seminar Series (David Bolzonello, Sports Physician, MBBS, FACSP)

  • Functional Restoration For Spinal Pain Chiropractic & Osteopathic College Of Australasia: Melbourne Seminar Series (Jon Ford, Physiotherapist, B App Sc (Physio), M Physio, Grad MDT, PhD)

  • Biomesotherapy Homotoxicology Part I: Pain therapy - Potential (subcutaneous)

  • Biomesotherapy Homotoxicology Part II: Oral regulation therapy; Digestive therapy; Skin therapy; Female reproduction therapy (Dr Klaus Keustermann, President of International Society of Biological Medicine)

  • Energy Medicine: 2006 Conference Energy Health Living, Australia

  • Lower Limb Biomechanics Training Seminars: Mr Terry Mitchell, VASYLI Medical Director

  • Vedic Medicine: 2006 International Symposium

  • Nutritional And Environmental Medicine: 2006 Medicine Seminar Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, Melbourne, Australia.

  • Mechanical Diagnosis And Therapy: Effects of spinal manipulation on the nervous system and likely effects of therapeutic benefit, 2008 Presentation by Dr. Phil Bolton,

  • Mechanical Diagnosis And Therapy: Nuts and Bolts of nutrition in chiropractic and osteopathic practice, presented by Dr. Paul Bergamo

  • Mechanical Diagnosis And Therapy: Postural Effects on the Autonomic Regulation of the CV system, presented by Dr. Barbara Polus

  • API Therapy : Recent Trends In Natural Healing: 2008 Presentation : Dr. Andreas Daugsch Ph.D.

  • 2008 - Detoxification Workshop: Society for Integrative Medicine Singapore

  • 2010 - Memory Recall, Digital Computer Diagnostics: Omega Point Seminar, Singapore

  • Toxic Burdens On The Brain: 2010 Richmond, Victoria

  • An Osteopathic Approach To Treating Lymphatics: 2010 - Melbourne, Australia

  • The National Osteopathy Conference: 2010 - Melbourne, Australia

  • Managing The Disorders Of Western Lifestyle And Ageing: 2010 - Melbourne, Australia, Metagenics Seminar

  • 1977-78 : Certificate in Yoga and Cultural Synthesis Kaivalyadhama, Pune, India

  • 1978-82 : Diploma in Osteopathy, European School of Osteopathy, England

  • 1982-84 : Graduate, Kushi Institute London, UK and Boston, USA

  • 1982-83 : Diploma in Shiatsu Massage Kushi Institute, London

  • 1998 : Graduate-Diploma in Musculoskeletal Management, RMIT, Australia

  • 2002 : Masters in Applied Science in Clinical Practice, RMIT

  • 2004 : Master of Applied Science in Musculoskeletal Management

  • 2005 : Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition International Academy of Nutrition

  • 2009 : Post Graduate Diploma of Anti Aging Medicine Australia

  • Feb 26-28 2016: Integrative Breathing Therapy Course in Melbourne by Dr. Rosalba Courtney

  • May 16-17 2016: The Brain’s Way of Healing Course in Melbourne by Norman Doidge

  • June 18-19 2016: Chapman’s Reflexes Level II Course in Flemington Victoria by Paula Nutting

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