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Combined Treatment of Osteopathy, Kinesiology and Bio-Resonance



Osteopathy is a complete, manual system of health aiming to restore normal bodily function through correction of physical imbalances.

Corrections are made through specific manipulation of these imbalances helping restore fluid movements in nerves, arteries, veins and lymphatics, and in doing so re-establish normal physiology.



This may be considered as ‘digital homeopathy’. It is completely specific to the client and is used to provide unique homeopathic remedies to re-balance the causes of symptoms.



Kinesiology is a complex physical system used for determining the true causes of a person’s health issues.

Organ function is assessed through their corresponding organ/muscles axis providing an insightful and reliable method of identifying health challenges. The same system is used to find the most suitable remedy for the individual.

We all suffer from these stresses in our lives at some point, and long term exposure has pronounced harmful effects on our wellbeing.


There are many other stresses which we do not see however; such as strain on our organs, muscles, skeleton, digestive system and hormonal systems.


These challenges often result from infections, metal toxicity, allergy, food intolerance and nutritional deficiencies.


All can be assessed with AK, helping you to reverse health issues.

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